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2023 Hours Posted

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The tree farm was established in 1972 with the planting of the first seedlings. Each year thereafter trees were planted in the rest of the field. Today we have about 8,000 trees on approximately 8 acres. Sales began in 1976. We raise three species of Christmas trees. Douglas Fir, White Fir (also known as Concolor Fir) and White Pine. Each of these species retains their needles for a long period after being cut.

The Douglas Fir (picture of douglas fir) has the shortest of needles. The White Fir (picture of concolor fir) has a medium length needle and has a distinct citrus smell and the White pine (picture of white pine) has the longest and softest needle of the three.
We buy three-year-old seedlings in the spring and plant them in the field next to a stump or open space.

Lisa Planting

Shearing the trees
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Cheryle Shearing

The fields need to be mowed several times a year, (picture of bill mowing to appear here) spring to fall to cut down on competition for nutrients and moisture from the weeds. After about the second year we begin shearing the trees to give them a conical shape.

The tree farm is known as a “Choose and Cut” operation. Families come in choose a tree and we cut it (picture of bill cutting). If they want, for an extra fee, we can have it dug (picture of bil digging). If they want, they can dig it themselves for no extra fee. Greens are free to those buying a tree. We do also sell wreaths, swages and grave blankets.

We have three balers with netting that compresses the tree for ease of handling.

Bill Bagging a Tree

There is no charge for this bagging. Payment for the tree may be in the form of cash or check.

Jake, Our Office Manager

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